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Letters: Supporting Ukraine is vital to our national security

Dear Editor,

We must support the Ukraine as it defends itself from attacks by Russia.

For fifty years, the Soviet Union dominated Eastern Europe, installed Communist dictatorships and suppressed every effort to end Communist autocracies and establish democracy. The violent suppression of popular uprisings in East Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland were characteristic of that period.

The creation of NATO was an effort to prevent the use of military force by the Soviet Union to expand its influence and control further into Europe.

Russia under Putin is determined to re-establish the power Russia had in those nightmarish years.

If it succeeds in the Ukraine, Russia will pose a direct threat to every country bordering Russia and to NATO and the United States.  Ukraine’s war today could become NATO and America’s war tomorrow.

This is no time to play partisan games.

Georgia’s members of Congress must support fully funding Ukraine’s defense.

Bruce Menke

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