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Macon Reentry Coalition Partners Call on Citizens to Serve in Community Reentry Effort

Members of the Macon Reentry Coalition, a collaborative effort among community and law enforcement organizations focused on addressing the needs of people who were once incarcerated by helping them find jobs and successfully return to society, are calling for interested persons to join the group.

The Macon Reentry Coalition's (MRC) mission is to enhance public safety by reducing recidivism of returning citizens. Through its partnerships, the coalition assists with housing, employment, transportation, substance abuse counseling and other individualized needs. The MRC is seeking additional members from every segment of the community, including healthcare, business, faith-based and other non-profit groups. MRC meets monthly via Zoom; in-person meetings will begin in September.

"Removing barriers to successful reentry for returning individuals is an important part of the Justice Department's mission to keep our country safe and pursue equal justice under the law," said U.S. Attorney Peter D. Leary. "Our communities will be safer when we offer the necessary support which previously incarcerated people need to secure housing, find employment, access health care and address other basic needs that are difficult to locate after prison, contributing to recidivism. The Macon Reentry Coalition is doing the important work of offering an access point for returning citizens in Middle Georgia."

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