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Man died possibly en route to Athens hospital with self-inflicted gunshot wound

By Joe Johnson

The body of a man was found in his pickup truck early Wednesday morning in northwestern Athens-Clarke County, where he possibly died while driving to the hospital with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Casey Roy Hobbs, 32, of Colbert, was deceased in a Dodge Ram pickup that a police officer found stopped on Jefferson Road near Kathwood Drive.

According to a police report, Hobbs had been shot by a bullet that entered his lower abdomen area, exited his leg and then struck the driver’s side door.

Police said it appeared that a 9mm pistol that was found on the floorboard of the pickup had been in the man's waistband when it accidentally discharged.

An autopsy was to be performed at the State Crime Lab.

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Julie Crowe
Julie Crowe

Eh just sounds like natural selection to me


This is a very sad!

But it proves a larger point. I'm all for the 2nd Amendment but unfortunately in Georgia, anybody that has a clean background can buy a handgun and then that's it! No training at all required. No training in weapons safety and how to use it like to make sure there are no people or thin walls of dwellings behind your target, no training in weapon retention like when you get one of these wannabe Cowboys walking around Walmart and open carry...a violent and deranged person can take that opportunity to simply take a fire extinguisher off the wall of the store and bash it over the guys head from behind and take his weapon and…


Yes! All part of the total absence of firearms safety training

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