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Man sentenced to prison for stabbing fellow UGA student in drug robbery

Felix Nguyen

By Joe Johnson

A Lawrencevile man has been sentenced to three years in prison and seven years on probation for stabbing a fellow student while they were both attending the University of Georgia.

Felix Nguyen, 20, stabbed Alexander Lilly five times when robbing him of four mason jars filled with marijuana on Oct. 24 at Waterbury Apartments on College Station Road.

In a plea agreement made with the Western Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office on April 30, Nguyen pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of robbery, instead of armed robbery, and also to aggravated assault.

In return, the DA’s office dismissed charges of felony marijuana possession and possession of a knife in the commission of a crime,

Sentences of three years in prison and seven years on probation, each for the robbery and assault convictions are to run concurrently, as part of the plea deal.

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You have a person who has shown to be violent and a drug problem -- the DA is a joke and needs to go back to doing Hollywood law


DA Gonzalez needs to be FIRED this November. She’s pathetic & incompetent


This type of story conflicts me. Would the crime never have happened if pot were legal? I'm a wine guy myself, but feel that controlled pot is better than illegal pot. But I also see it as a gateway drug. Bottom line..... don't stab people for drugs.


May 09

But both the robbery and the assault were armed. Were they not? How are you able to plea down for something that it's known for certain that you did.

Replying to

The clarke county DA is soft on crime. She'd rather hug a criminal.


3 years of real prison will be quite an education. A real resume builder.

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