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Market fills need in Athens food desert

Prince Market has opened in Athens to provide accessible food options in an area previously lacking them.

Located at 100 Prince Ave., this family-owned store is well-placed to serve local residents and students from the nearby University of Georgia. The opening is notable as, until 2020, over 3,000 people in the vicinity had limited access to fresh food, according to the USDA.

The store, managed by locals Ryan Vetter and Yash Patel, offers a variety of products including organic, vegan, and conventional foods. This selection caters to the diverse dietary needs of the community.

Prince Market managers Ryan Vetter and Yash Patel

Located less than a half-mile from downtown and the University of Georgia’s North Campus, the market is easily accessible, especially for those without vehicles. Vetter notes that the store’s location and product range significantly benefit the local community, including students who previously traveled far for groceries.

Customer service is a priority at Prince Market, and employees like barista Sara Cloonan, emphasize personalized service and interaction. The management actively incorporates customer feedback into their inventory decisions, enhancing trust and loyalty among shoppers.

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1 comentario

Wow! An oasis in the middle of a food desert, catering to the diverse food needs of the local population.

Great photo of the guys helping end the drought.

Me gusta
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