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Mike Collins: Hold town hall meeting in my community

As residents of Georgia's 10th Congressional District, my wife and I are asking you to hold free, accessible, in-person town halls with the intent to listen to constituents during your upcoming in-district work period starting May 26th.

We believe everyone regardless of their zip code or party affiliation deserves to have the opportunity to speak to you about their concerns so you will vote in the people’s best interests. Members of our community come from diverse backgrounds, geographies, ages, genders and perspectives on issues.

We are witnessing trains derailing, attacks on children, mass shootings, a warming planet, shortages of labor, and proposed cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Every in-district work period is an opportunity to hear directly from constituents through town halls, and it’s a critical part of you being able to effectively do your job: represent your constituents.

So far, you have not heard from us and your track record has been disappointing.

We want to share our concerns, solutions, and ideas with you in a public town hall event. We are formally requesting that you schedule a series of town halls this Spring/Summer in each of the counties you represent. Considering the timely matter of our concerns, we ask that at least one of these town halls occur during the upcoming district work period beginning May 26th.

Sincerely, Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Covi


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