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Mitchell Bridge Rd resident voices concerns to ACC Commissioners about homeless camp relocation

Resident's letter to commissioners and mayor about the possibility of the homeless encampment moving to Tallassee Road

Dear Commissioners and Mayor

I’m writing concerning the possibility of the homeless encampment being placed on Tallassee Rd among all the neighborhoods and schools within a 1 mile radius.

Im concerned about the additional trash on our streets that the homeless we already have are creating. I and others have picked up behind the homeless that just leave their free food and containers on the sidewalks next to or within a few feet of trash containers.

I am and have been concerned for the people I know that already are to scared to walk or jog along Mitchell Bridge Rd and Oglethorpe Ave due to the harassment from the few homeless we already have in the area. Adding the encampment among our neighborhoods will just add to the harassment and fear, in the same way that people are scared to use the Greenway Trail in the North Ave/ Willow St area.

I’m also concerned for the property value for anyone living in neighborhoods in the area. From my research a homeless encampment will greatly affect the value of all homes in the area. Therefore, all of us that have worked for years and years (50 years in my case) to invest in home ownership will be greatly adversely affected from a homeless encampment so close to our homes. Decreasing our homes value by 10s of thousands of dollars.

Next, and most importantly I’m concerned for the children at Whitehead Rd and Oglethorpe Ave Elementary schools. Inserting a population of people, 88% of which are dealing with drug and mental health issues, within a mile of both schools is unconscionable. Especially considering that most school shootings are committed by people with mental health issues. Hopefully the worse the children will have to witness is what I witnessed 3 weeks ago during school hours. A homeless lady was walking down Mitchell Bridge then up Oglethorpe toward the school. She was dancing and lifting her dress exposing herself with no underwear. She was also sexually grinding against street signs. I called the police and they took her away before she got to the school area. But, God forbid, if we have some real tradegy, like a school shooting by someone with mental problems from the purposed encampment it’ll be the first time in history that CNN, MSNBC and FOX all agree on something…. on the foolishness of putting an encampment so close to elementary schools.

I’m definitely in favor of helping people that can’t help themselves but putting the encampment in the middle of neighborhood areas and schools is a recipe for disaster.

Thank you for your consideration

Thomas Adams

Mitchell Bridge Road

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