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By James P. Hilton

Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewell.

~ Patrick Henry

The U.S. Constitution, the “Supreme Law Of The Land,” is inviolate and sacrosanct. 

This famous, one of a kind document which contains our Bill of Rights,  has for centuries been the envy of peoples the world over. Thousands risk their lives and even die every year, just to reach these shores and live under it’s noble and glorious precepts.

The Constitution is so important that it literally overrides every federal, state, county, and municipal law, ordinance, rule, and regulation in all 50 states.

Now that says a lot. 

An enshrined (extremely difficult to change) masterpiece, even under the most extreme circumstances, even if there were in fact election irregularities or even outright fraud -the constitution cannot be merely “terminated” at whim.

Not by a sitting or past president. Not by Congress. Not by the Supreme Court. Not by ANYONE. 

Amendments are permissible through a baked-in, extremely onerous process, intentionally designed that way by our wise founders as a protective measure against high emotions, passing political winds and passions.


Any suggestions to the contrary, by presidents or anyone else, signifies grave danger to our republic and is cause for the immediate sounding of alarm bells and whistles!!

In recent years I have been highly critical of the political left. 

The Democratic Party’s unacceptable drift toward socialism, and many of their other horrific positions, are clearly antithetical to American values.

This ultimately drove myself and millions of other centrists, moderates, and libertarians straight into the arms of Donald J. Trump. 

Not so much because we adored him, like some Republicans, but because we so loathed the leftists.

But Trump’s recent statement on termination of our constitution is beyond troubling. It has single-handedly given me pause to reconsider his motives and my position and allegiances.

Our sacred constitution, for which much American blood has spilled, and to which every elected official in the country swears an oath to “uphold and defend,” is my uncompromising line in the sand.

President Trump thank you for your service and many sacrifices for our country. In many ways you have been grossly mistreated. 

But to politicians from both parties, get this one stern message crystal clear through all your heads:


James P. Hilton of Athens is a veteran paramedic, licensed armed guard, and Eagle Scout. His son and daughter are police officers

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8 comentarios

Miembro desconocido
07 dic 2022

I was willing to overlook a lot of his flaws because the left is dangerous and clearly working to destroy the constitution but now there is no way I can vote for him.

Me gusta

07 dic 2022

Well stated! We need to stop the left, but no more Trump.

Me gusta

Sad but true. Excellent statement! I totally agree!

Me gusta

Out of everything that man has done, this is the line in the sand? The line should have been when he mocked a disabled reporter, when he told his 1000th lie, or when he didn’t stop a violent mob on Jan. 6. But this is your line. Until my dying day, I’ll never understand.

Me gusta
08 dic 2022
Contestando a

The “huff“ington post is a radical rag used for the bottom of bird cages and drying wet kitchen floors I don’t think it’s a very a reliable source for anything but huffing and puffing.

Me gusta
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