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New Athens restaurant to serve up meals to fundraise for homeless shelter

By Joe Johnson

Morning diners this month will be able to have their bacon and eggs and help the homeless too.

From from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on March 18, the day before its grand opening, Another Broken Egg Café at 2375 W. Broad St. will be serving up complimentary breakfast and lunch to benefit the Bigger Vision Community Shelter at 95 North Ave., which serves the Athens area homeless population.

Essentially, the way the event will work is that people who reserve a time to eat will be provided with a complimentary meal and then encouraged to provide a donation to the shelter instead.

This helps the restaurant by providing its employees with a solid training day before officially opening, and it benefits the shelter’s programs as well.

On top of it all, customers get to enjoy one of the newest breakfast spots in Athens!

Click on this link to make reservations:

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Cole Byrne
Cole Byrne
Aug 13, 2023

The initiative by the new Athens restaurant is a testament to the spirit of giving back, showcasing how culinary endeavors can transcend their primary purpose to bring about change in society. Furthermore, having visited the Vietnamese restaurant recently, it's evident that there's a global movement of eateries making a difference beyond just satisfying our taste buds. Their dishes not only tantalize the palate but also resonate with a sense of purpose.

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