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“No-No” Hice

Last week Representative Jody Hice wrote me and asked for another donation. His letter was filled with exaggerations, misrepresentations, and lies. America most definitely isn’t turning into a socialist nation. The good news for most of us is that the American Rescue Plan is simply desperately needed and not radical at all. It’s Representative Hice who is radical. He shamefully attempted on the House floor the night after the Capitol riot to toss out all of Georgia’s votes even though he was just elected by those very votes. He knew we had a fair election, but he was bent on a most un-Christian like mission. Since then, he’s voted “no” on a very sensible and bipartisan gun background check bill, “no” on the For the People Act that would protect our votes from his own suppression chicanery on January 6th, and even “no” on the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act first passed in the 60’s.

Those bills, and many others on which he has voted “no” over the past few years, represent Christianity and democracy in the truest sense. I want Representative Hice to be the Christian he professes to be. Yet he disappoints by consistently voting “no” against the economic, health, and safety of his constituents. I am ignoring his donation request. I can’t use my hard-earned savings and Social Security checks to abet his uncharitable votes against bills designed to support our economy and protect struggling American families. And now he wants to be the next Secretary of State, where he can continue to sully the very meaning of democracy by continuing his wrong-headedness and slavish devotion to a President who lied to us. I think not, Representative Hice; not when we have an honest fellow there now.

Regina A. Smith


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