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Oconee named ‘best county to live’ in Georgia

What sets one area apart from another when searching for a place to call home? For some, it may be proximity and access to exciting nightlife, fun entertainment venues and a delicious restaurant scene. Others may determine that affordability and a lower cost of living are the keys to a great place to live. When it comes down to it, it's likely some combination of all factors that influences a decision to settle down.

According a list compiled by Stacker , the best county to live in in Georgia is Oconee County, with a population around 41,000, median home value of $329,700, median household income of $106,165 and median rent price of $1,203.

Here's what Stacker had to say about the best county to live in Georgia:

"Oconee County is in the northeastern part of Georgia, and includes the city of Watkinsville, a suburb of Athens and the county seat. There are more than 50 classes and workshops on outdoor skills, as well as vendors, music, and food at the Bushcraft Gathering. Watkinsville has the largest pottery show in Georgia. A large number of schools in the Oconee County School District are rated above average."

See the full list of best counties to live in at .

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Of course, cesspool’s ignorance is showing


Oconee is what Clarke could be. We all know it. Less crime, better schools. And of course the convenience to the commercial element of Athens is a mere bridge away. There's a whole lot to be said about this situation between Clarke and Oconee counties. And I'm not talking pottery.

Replying to

Full of crap. What a clueless comment

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