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Our rights are on the ballot in the May GA Supreme Court Election

Dear Editor:

Just in case folks did not know, ALL ballots taken in the May 21 primary election will ask voters to choose a GA Supreme Court Justice. There will be no runoff, and no further elections. The winner on May 21 takes office next January.

For those who felt a stomach punch at the 2022 Dobbs v Jackson decision, we have a chance to place a “defender of choice” on the court, John Barrow.

Barrow is running because he believes that Georgians have the same rights under the Georgia Constitution that we had under Roe v. Wade, while his opponent, Andrew Pinson, believes that we do not.

Barrow graduated from UGA and Harvard Law School. For 25 years, he practiced law in a small firm. He has served as a county commissioner and in Congress, representing District 12.

Barrow wants to ensure that Georgia state laws are applied in a way that protects the rights of us all. That includes keeping reproductive healthcare decisions with the family and not the government.

Pinson is an appointee to the Court. After clerking for Clarence Thomas, Pinson worked at a large corporate law firm, before becoming chief appellate lawyer for GA. He worked in this capacity when Georgia joined Alabama and Mississippi in the case that overturned Roe v. Wade.

We cannot let Pinson win. He does not deserve it. We deserve better.

Early voting begins April 29. Please get to the polls and vote for JOHN BARROW.


V. Johnson

A. Koppelmann

K. Harris

Greensboro, GA

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