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Photopoem by Erik Hogan

There are times that the half-lit morning does not call. Sodden and cold, the woods loom. A tracker of mysteries must still follow, undeterred. The world is the attainment and discipline is the way.

Constellations hang, suspended at the tips of twigs. Truths of the Universe cradled by the surface tension of water. Amplified and re-directed Starlight. It has traveled for the lifetime of the earth, over unknowable distances. To be captured in this place; in this moment. In a droplet.

The icy water is shocking on the skin. It wakes the mind, so that the starlight will continue to shine in the eyes of anyone there to see it.

Erik Hogan is a photographer who primarily shoots landscape, wilderness, and nature scenes in the Athens area.

Follow on Instagram @erikhoganphotography Erik's sketchbook includes a look behind the scenes, with an option to purchase a limited number of prints through the link in his bio. htttps://

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