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Police investigating reported home-invasion armed robbery at Athens apartment complex

By Joe Johnson

Police are investigating a home-invasion armed robbery that reportedly occurred early Monday at a westside Athens apartment complex.

A 21-year-old man reported he was asleep in the clubhouse at River’s Edge on West Broad Street, where he stays with two roommates, when at about 1:49 a.m. he was wakened by two intruders armed with handguns who demanded bags containing marijuana, according to an Athens-Clarke County police report.

The victim said when he told the suspects he had no marijuana, they threatened to shoot him, according to the report, and as the man still laid in bed, the suspects went through his shorts and took $280 and a cellphone, which a suspect threw across the room, the report noted.

The gunmen reportedly made the man open a small safe, but the only thing of importance inside were personal documents, according to the report, which noted that officers found scales and drug-related objects, and the man explained he had smoked half of a joint prior to officers arriving.

When asked how the suspects possibly got inside the clubhouse, which showed no signs of forced entry, the man said he had recently given his key to a female who works at the Toppers strip club in downtown Athens.

After not finding any drugs, one of the intruders reportedly tried to “high-five” the victim “and told him he better not be selling drugs” and then left with his companion.

A roommate who was sleeping in an adjacent room said he did not hear anything during the alleged incident, the police report noted.

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Isn't this a clubhouse invasion rather than a home invasion? How does one "lease" the clubhouse?


Hilarious!! Great inter-criminal comic relief!!!! Scales? Weed?! Play with fire and ya get burned. Love it when drug dealers get jacked!

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