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Prince Avenue Pilot Project Feedback Form Open through Nov. 23

Construction of the pilot project is nearing completion with some finishing items remaining. An online feedback form is now available and will remain open through November 23 at


The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government (ACCGov) will install a pilot project beginning in mid-September to change the locally-controlled area of Prince Avenue from a four-lane vehicle road with two vehicle lanes in each direction to a three-lane vehicle road with one vehicle lane in each direction, a center turning lane, two separated bike lanes, and other safety features. The pilot project will run for approximately a half mile from just east of North Milledge Avenue to Pulaski Street. 

An interactive map and feedback form is now available at that provides maps of the corridor; details and photos of the new features; before-and-after comparisons of sections of the roadway; project history; and other corridor information. Community feedback on the pilot project will be accepted through November 23.

The purpose of the Prince Avenue Pilot Project is to test and study the feasibility and safety benefits for all roadway users – including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and drivers – of an alternative street design. The pilot project is part of a larger effort to increase safety and update infrastructure along Prince Avenue to Sunset Drive. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) controls the segment of Prince Avenue / Jefferson Road from North Milledge Avenue to the Athens-Clarke County line. Before and after data being collected and analyzed includes traffic counts of vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists on Prince Avenue and surrounding streets; travel speed of vehicles on Prince Avenue and surrounding streets; the time it takes for vehicles to travel the corridor; video data at key intersections; and user feedback. Initial funding of $4 million for the Prince Avenue corridor comes from the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST) 2018 voter-approved program through Project 16 - Prince Avenue Corridor Improvements. An additional $8.9 million for the entire corridor was approved by voters as part of the upcoming TSPLOST 2023 program through Project 5 - Prince Avenue / Jefferson Road Corridor.  At the August 2, 2022 Regular Session meeting, the Mayor and Commission approved up to $350,000 for funding the Prince Avenue Pilot Project for up to 180 days. The project will begin with a 60-day public feedback period followed by data analysis and review by the Mayor and Commission before any vote to consider permanent installation. The long-term feasibility of the street configuration created by the pilot project will be analyzed in terms of benefits and impacts to all roadway users and properties within the study area. The Prince Avenue Corridor webpage also contains additional information about the corridor, videos from Mayor and Commission meetings about the project, links to corridor studies and references; and other resources. Residents can also sign up for email and text notifications in order to receive future information about the project. Several outdoor pop-up events with information about the survey and projects will take place during the public input period. For more information, contact the SPLOST / TSPLOST Program Management Office at 706-613-3025, email, or visit Project #16: Prince Ave. Corridor Website

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5 minutes turned into 20 minutes and I’ve not seen a single bicycle.


Arthur Crumpton
Arthur Crumpton
Oct 05, 2022

UGH!!! I see they didn’t learn their lesson when they try that lunacy at the part of Barnett Shoals Road where it intersects between Whitehall Road and College Station Road. It was a fiasco and caused traffic jam for those people approaching the intersection at the light where Barnett Shoals and College Station Road intersect. It’s not going to work

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