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Prisoner charged with strangling cell mate at Clarke County Jail

Latif Abney

By Joe Johnson

A prisoner at the Clarke County Jail has been charged with aggravated assault for strangling his cell mate.

The incident landed the victim, 56-year-old Andrew McIntosh, in a hospital intensive care unit from his heart having stopped, temporarily halting the flow of oxygen to his brain.

The incident was found to have happened the morning of April 5, when a sheriff’s deputy responded to a jail cell to investigate a reported fight, according to a Clarke County Sheriff’s Office incident report.

Upon arrival to the scene the deputy saw 41-year-old Latif Abney “mounted on McIntish’s back” with “his arms wrapped around the neck of MdIntosh,” according to an affidavit for for Abbey’s arrest warrant.

Andrew McIntosh

After getting Abney off of McIntosh, the deputy checked and found that the victim “had no discernible pulse,” the affidavit stated.

McIntosh was transported with an apparent fractured neck to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center, where he was placed on life-support systems.

He was later moved out of the intensive care unit, and has yet to open his eyes.

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Jail doesn’t help anyone. It makes criminals smarter, all but guarantees you lose everything including the ability to get a job, or you lose your life or worse…brain damage. Now guess who pays the disability bill?

Replying to

In too many cases it's exactly as you say. Tragic. But what is the alternative? Inmates that want to improve have some opportunity for rehabilitation. Many could care less. Do we let them back on the streets?

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