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Reader expands on remarks directed at County Commissioner Parker

Athens-Clarke County police are investigating perceived threats against District 2 County Commissioner Mariah Parker, one of which came from Chuck Jackson who this week posted one of the troubling comments on the Clarke County Republican Party’s Facebook page, beneath a news story about Parker’s desire to reduce the local police force by 50 percent over a 10-year period. Parker also organized a May 31 march and rally in downtown Athens for “A World Without Cops,” one of hundreds of protests across the country in response to the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who was killed by asphyxiation while in the custody of Minneapolis police while in custody for allegedly passing a counterfeit $20 bill.

Jackson’s post stated: “Start vandalism at her house and those who vote for). Bricks through window, peaceful like protest.”

Another person posted on social media that “Most of Athens has a tall oak tree with (Parker’s) name on it.”

In response to fierce backlash to a Classic City News story about the police investigation, Jackson submitted to CCN the following “Rebuttal to accusations of harm”:

You have seen a snippet of a series of tweets as we all watched America burn in the name of George Floyd. It’s was a horrible act and I am glad the video of the act was captured to watch, and I am sure the judicial system will take care of it.

 However, it has nothing to do with Athens. I have no problem with organization and peaceful protest. Once the peaceful protest start bricking windows, looting, burning Athens downtown by the people she invited, it’s a riot. Commissioner Mariah Parker spoke, saying riots are part of protesting. Well it is not. My remark was to let the crowd know if it happens to property, she should welcome a brick in her window and so on.

Now we know she violated protocol (during the coronavirus pandemic) that made me stay locked up for months, got a test in Atlanta, two days later, told clean. Georgia opened, still recommending wearing mask and social distancing.

If I can do it, she can test too. That covers the comment posted. I do not know where she lives. If she does not own anything, no problem. I never directed harm to her. She was positive for Covid-19 and has a possibility of killing someone.

My education life started at Alps and Baxter St., right down to Terry business college. I never had a grudge with a person of color, except an IRS agent. Now I am in Antifa’s social network receiving unwanted or asked for threats to include my daughter, 16, and wife. My business is being attacked and outed.

I love Athens and I am not alone. My family has had a large presence here since 1770. When it comes to protection of town and property I will be there. I would be glad to have a social discussion with Parker and find out what her 5/10-year plan is and how she gets there.

She and her friends apparently have an agenda if they are coming after me. I just wish the press had reached out to me before trying to destroy me, Sure my business name makes for good news. I have requested the names be blacked out within five days. I am on vacation for week, let’s see if they vandalize my home. Police may contact me any time. If they destroy our history, we won’t know where we have been or how far we have come.

Chuck Jackson 

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