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Report: College Football Team on the Verge of Causing 'Oppenheimer-Like Ripple Effect'


College football has changed drastically over the past two years due to conference realignment and the implementation of NIL deals for players. More changes appear to be on the way. 

According to a report, Florida State is pursuing an exit from the ACC. The process stems from the Seminoles being left out of the College Football Playoff.

Florida State's Board of Trustees is expected to begin the process of leaving the ACC on Friday. However, the earliest the program can leave the ACC is June 30, 2025.

Per Brett McMurphy, Florida State's decision is going to have an "Oppenheimer-like ripple effect."

Florida State was left out of the College Football Playoff, despite finishing with a 13-0 overall record and ACC title. A pair of 12-1 teams in Texas and Alabama, meanwhile, got in the exclusive four-team postseason.

All-in-all, one Big Ten team (Michigan), one incoming Big Ten team (Washington), one incoming SEC team (Texas) and one SEC team (Alabama) earned invites to the College Football Playoff.

Florida State clearly believes it would have made the College Football Playoff if it was a member of either the Big Ten or SEC. And despite the playoff expanding to 12 teams next season, which will give an automatic bid to the ACC champion, the top teams in college football moving forward will be members of either the Big Ten or SEC. In other words, that's where the money's at.

Florida State would be wise to escape the ACC as soon as possible. It sounds like things are trending in that direction.

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