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Statewide gang database now operational

A statwide street gang database went operational this week, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced.

The Georgia Criminal Street Gang Database (GCSGD) is a statewide repository and intelligence database that contains information about various criminal street gangs, criminal street gang members, and associates and criminal street gang activities, according to the GBI.

As outlined by state law, the purpose of the GCSGD is to expand the recognition and identification of criminal street gangs, their members/associates and criminal street gang activities; increase officer safety by improving the sharing of information among multiple jurisdictions using computer intelligence database technology; enhance community security through the prosecution of criminal street gangs and their members/associates. Creating the database was a collaborative effort that involved the GBI, the Department of Community Supervision, and the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Agencies that participated in the pilot GCDSGD program include the CDS, GBI, DOC, the Hall and Cobb county sheriff offices, and the Morrow, South Fulton and Cobb County police departments.

Statistics associated with the data remain fluid; but as of today, the system contains over 100 gangs and over 17,000 gang members & associates, the GBI stated..

All state, county, and municipal law enforcement, prosecution and corrections agencies, offices, and departments may timely furnish information acquired relating to criminal street gangs and criminal gang activity to the GBI to be included in the GCSGD.

To become a participating agency/authorized user, email to request access and to complete the necessary training.

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