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Supply-chain disruptions in Athens are a good thing

By now we are all familiar with the supply chain disruptions created on the west coast by progressive west coast politicians overregulating the trucking industry. Because it is one of the largest ports in the country, these onerous regulations are not just affecting the west coast population but the entire US.

Here in Athens, we are now experiencing our own supply-chain disruption. However, this disruption, instead of having negative consequences for Athens residents, is having a very positive effect on our community. It’s the recent disruption of the drug supply chain and gang activity initiated by our very own Police Chief, Cleveland Spruill. Thank you Chief Spruill!

In the wake of one the most successful drug busts in Athens history, you have several commissioners who spoke against a small grant to continue the very productive and effective work of the Drug Task Force (DTF). Ask yourself why? The following list is a reminder of the dangers removed from our community: 60 firearms including 14 assault rifles and four shotguns and a LAND MINE! • $1,036,172 cash • 13.22 kilograms of powder cocaine (Street Value: $412,000) • 1.32 kilograms of fentanyl (Street Value: $150,000) • 12.57 lbs. of crystal methamphetamine (Street Value: $84,000) • 1.39 kilos of crack cocaine (Street Value: $71,750) • 25.35 lbs. of marijuana (Street Value: $62,500) • 11.25 ounces of heroin (Street Value: $28,125) • 198 dosages of controlled pharmaceuticals (Street Value: ($2,970) • 113 THC cartridges (Street Value: $2,260) • 81 packets of THC edibles (Street Value: $405).

Commissioner Parker believes the owners of this cache are simply harmless victims of society who need rehabilitation not incarceration. If this cache is so harmless, ask yourself would you like to live next door to this? Well that’s what the minority community was living with on a daily basis. Our community is safer today because these weapons and drugs have been removed from distribution and use.

This is a victory for the safety of our entire community however not all Athens public officials are feeling celebratory. In fact, several of our commissioners are downright disapproving of the actions of our police chief to rid our community of this scourge. Residents should ask themselves why is this case. Why is a disruption in the drug supply chain met we such disapproval by some of our commissioners? Of course, to legitimatize their disapproval they will try to paint the arrests as a racial issue, but one should ask themselves, what community has been the most impacted by the drugs and gang activity? What community will benefit the most from having gang members and drugs removed from their midst? I know why the gangs and drug dealers are angry about the disruption of their supply chain but why are some of your commissioners? Observing the protestations of some commission members I am mindful of a line from Shakespeare, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

D. Carter


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are ACC Mayor & Commissioners required to pass a drug test if not , why not ? They get as a perk "free" ACC Health Insurance ..which I guess requires drug testing as the premiums are paid with tax dollars ..surely this is the case ??

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