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Suspect in murder of Athens child had been arrested for having ‘ghost gun’

Updated: Mar 13

A Polymer80 9mm pistol assembled from a kit

By Joe Johnson

The suspected gang member who is wanted for the shooting death of a child in Athens last week

was free on bond from an arrest last year for possessing a so-called ghost gun.

Ghost guns are assembled from kits that can be purchased online without background checks and are often used to comit crimes because they are untraceable due to not having serial numbers.

Dakious Rico Echols, 18, of Highland Park Drive in Athens, is charged in warrants for murder and other crimes in connection with the death of 3-year-old Kyron Zarco, an innocent victim from when his home was shot up last Friday by gang members who apparently had been targeting the a rival gang member who lived there.

When shot through the heart, Zarco was sitting on a couch watching television next to his 9-year-old brother, who was wounded by the barrage of gunfire.

Dakious Rico Echols

Echols is being hunted down by authorities who are also looking for an alleged gang associate, 16-year-old Jayden Brown. A third purported member of the gang, Julian Omar Cubillos, was arrested hours after the fatal shooting, on charges of murder, aggravated assault, and criminal gang activity.

Echols was arrested by Athens-Clarke County police for the ghost gun in May 2023

when he was the passenger in a car whose driver was arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

According to reports, Echols ran from a traffic stop, and when caught police found him in possession a Polymer80 9mm pistol, a brand of ghost guns.

He was arrested on charges of possession of a pistol by a person 18 years old and obstruction of law enforcement.

Subsequent to his release from custody on bond, Echols was arrested in Sumter County for possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Law enforcement continues searching for two of his alleged gang associates: Dakious Rico Echols,18, and Jayden Brown, 16.

Police have asked for anyone with information about the shooting to contact Detective Paul Johnson at 762-400-7060 or

A reward of up to $2,000 is offered for information that leads to an arrest , and tips can be anonymously provided over the Crime Stoppes confidential tip line at 706-705-4775,

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I'm SO disappointed in Dakious!!!

I remember MANY TIMES while we were hanging out at the malt shop how he ALWAYS said he wanted to be a Georgia State Patrolman and how he said how disgusted he was with a criminal element in our county and in his neighborhood.

He was so looking forward to getting into the Academy and then finally getting out on patrol because he said it was his lifetime ambition to help stamp out crime and bring Justice to all the helpless victims

I remember he confided in the several times how he would cry himself to sleep thinking of all the victims in society and he couldn't wait to get at the evil doers!



I'm sure DA Gonzalez hugged him and told him to be a good boy when he was released last year.


According to WGAU, these wanted fellas are both Cedar Shoals Alumni.

Replying to

Two of them are. Check today’s CCN article


There is no more such thing as crime & punishment. It's just crime. The adults who live in that home should be charged with murder all the same. Their actions of being or letting a "gang member" reside in the home are a direct results of this innocent child's murder. But as long as these women keep having unprotected sex to have babies to get more money from the state, these innocent children, how should I put it..... are disposable income.


I've been trying for years to buy heroin on-line but nobody will sell it. Seems it's a crime. So why on earth am I, or my criminal minded neighbor, allowed to buy an unregistered gun that can kill people. As a community, it seems we either want to stop crime or we don't. We're leaning towards 'don't'.

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