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Thief found asleep in car that he stole

Stanley Demario Arnold Jr.

By Joe Johnson

A car thief was arrested in east Athens Monday night when he was found asleep in a stolen car that he had just used in a shoplifting incident.

According to a police report, an officer was on patrol at about 8:20 p.m. in the area of Arch and Gressom streets where he saw an improperly parked car that was wanted in connection with the theft of cigarettes from a Golden Pantry in Winterville.

Asleep at the wheel was 36-year-old Stanley Demario Arnold Jr., with seven cartons of smokes next to him, in plain view on the passenger seat.

When the officer woke up Arnold, he placed him under arrest because there were warrants for his arrest locally and in Jackson County, according to the report, which indicated that when searched, Arnold was found to have a bag of meth and a smoking pipe.

An officer from Winterville arrived on the scene and indicated that Arnold faced felony theft charges for the Golden Pantry incident, the report noted.

It was also learned that the Chevrolet Cruze in which Arnold was found had been reported as having been stolen earlier in the day from behind Mama’s Boy restaurant on Oak Street, where the owner parked it to go walking in Dudley Park nearby, according to the police report.

Arnold explained to the officer that he had driven to the park and after walking around some he accidentally entered the wrong vehicle, and since the Chevy had a push ignition system, he started it up and drove away in it, according to the report.

Arnold, who has a home address at Bethel Midtown Village, was charged with felony theft by taking, felony theft by shoplifting, possession of methamphetamine, possession of a drug object, and was issued two parking tickets.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office placed a hold on Arnold’s release from custody due to an outstanding arrest warrant in its jurisdiction.

The owner of the Chevrolet Cruze took possession of her car at the scene.

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Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson
Apr 07, 2023

Does meth make you go bald and stupid or just make you stupid?


Serve the time for every crime. No bail or probation. While in jail, help him get off the pipe. He's a human who's worth saving, but not worth letting him free. For a while.


put an Apple tile in your car $35 for 4. Then you can sneak up on the theif who stole it and shoot them while they sleep.


Quite a few Clarke County court dates going back to 2004 when he was 17 and old enough to be tried as an adult. Career thief addicted to Meth.

Mois Phone
Mois Phone
Apr 08, 2023
Replying to

And who are YOU to think you are in a position to make judgements?!! As if you believe you’ve decoded some mysterious riddle to why this crime transpired. You realize the criminal justice system fails the criminals within as well as its populace? All would be better served if emphasis were put on rehabilitation instead of confinement. Next time, use the time you spent maliciously researching this man’s history and go volunteer to help someone. Give a compliment to a stranger. Tell a friend how much they mean to you.


He’ll get a pass from Gonzales but the Jackson County warrant will hopefully put him inside long enough to reconsider his life choices.

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