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Thousands of UGA students gathered for impromptu baptisms in truck beds

The organization UNITE, which focuses on bringing college students into the ministry, held an event at the University of Georgia recently, and so many people felt moved by the message that they began doing baptisms in pickup truck beds.

UNITE, which was founded by Tonya Prewett in 2023, brought the event to Stegeman Coliseum this month. Around 8,000 people showed up, and after listening to sermons, they moved to the parking lot where about 150 people solidified their faith through baptism.

UNITE first began at Auburn University last September after Tonya spent time mentoring college students and heard stories of “their pain, anxiety and depression.” She said she came out of it with a “vision” from God.

“I had a vision of thousands of students gathered in an arena worshiping together,” Tonya told the Christian Post . “I started meeting with local pastors and ministry leaders in the community sharing the vision.”

“Every leader joined in the vision,” she continued, “And in about six weeks, Unite Auburn took place. We had close to 5,000 students show up for the event and around 200 were baptized that night. Since then, we have been to FSU, Alabama, and Georgia.”

Florida State University’s event ended with around 300 baptisms, and the University of Alabama had close to 260.

Tonya’s organization doesn’t stop with baptisms, however. After bringing students to Jesus, UNITE helps connect each individual to a nearby church that fits their needs.

“We were able to get every name and number for each student who was baptized,” she said. “Our organization will follow up with each student and will provide a list of every church and campus ministry in the area.”

UNITE will keep moving across the country. It will make its next stop at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

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I’m wondering the cost of the stadium and who paid the fee.


Oh my God, this is awesome!

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