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Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Agents with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and deputies from the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office reportedly arrested two of their own on Monday afternoon, both on charges are related to smuggling contraband into the Barrow County Jail.


Hunter Lewis Perkins, 21, of Winder, pictured on top and Xavier Jamal McWhorter, 28, of Winder, pictured below Perkins, turned themselves into the Barrow County Detention Center on charges of Bribery, Trading with Inmates without Consent of the Warden or Superintendent, Items Prohibited for Possession by Inmates, and Violation of Oath of a Public Officer.

The Barrow County Sheriff’s Office said it became aware of allegations of wrongdoing from its own employees and contacted the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, requesting that the state agency to conduct the investigation.  “We moved very quickly on w immediately contacted the GBI,” Barrow County Sheriff Jud Smith said in a released statement.

 “The trust that exists between our office and the community is very important to all of us at the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office,” he said. “When someone violates that trust, we will act swiftly.”

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