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UGA professor Beckmann honored with American Mathematical Society Award

Sybilla Beckmann, a respected professor emeritus at the University of Georgia, has received the 2024 American Mathematical Society (AMS) Award. This award acknowledges her impact on mathematics education, particularly through her influential textbook, 'Mathematics for Elementary Teachers with Activities'.

First published in 2002, the textbook is now in its sixth edition and is a key resource for training mathematics teachers. The AMS has recognized the enduring value of Beckmann's work, emphasizing the influence of her textbook on mathematics teaching and learning.

Beckmann has also contributed to mathematics policy. She was part of the Work Group for the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, a set of standards used across states in the United States.

The AMS Award was established in 2013 by the AMS Committee on Education. It is awarded annually to a mathematician or group who has made lasting contributions to mathematics education. Beckmann's receipt of the 2024 award highlights her important role in this field.

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