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Unsolved murder case files should be made public

There are numerous unsolved murders in Athens; Tara Baker some 20 years and counting, Jennifer Stone almost 29 years and counting. The authorities have had their chance but failed. It is long overdue to open up all the now secret police files on these crimes so citizens can have a chance to solve what government failed to solve. End this monstrous secrecy just like any totalitarian country! What is our government hiding? The gutless legislature should immediately force all Georgia governments in all counties to open up these now secret murder investigations. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth. End this secrecy nonsense by likely corrupt government officials in secret!

Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D.


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Sharon Mitchell
Sharon Mitchell
Feb 07, 2021

I disagree. It is crucial that evidence remain secret. Whoever is responsible for the disappearances certainly doesn’t need to know what evidence law enforcement holds. This would give them time to come up with a cover story to explain that evidence away, or perhaps embolden them to commit further crimes if there is no evidence. Also, the privacy of the victims and families should be respected. Details of sexual assaults do not need to be made public. Families should be shielded from inquiries by amateur detectives and insensitive professionals peddling their services. If any private citizen were determined enough to make a real attempt to solve a crime, it would likely be a family member who had a legitimate right…

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