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Voting by mail is safe, convenient and important

Voting is the greatest power we have in our society.  It can also sometimes be a challenge in Georgia.  Voting by mail can keep us safe from viruses and is a convenient method to meet our civic responsibility.  There are no transportation or childcare problems to solve and we can vote when it best suits our schedule.

You don’t need a reason to vote absentee in Georgia; all you have to do is submit an application for a ballot and you can do so on-line at  Alternatively, you can request your local Elections Office send you an application.  If your absentee application form is completely and accurately filled out, you will be sent an official absentee ballot.

When you receive your absentee ballot, fill it out completely as instructed.  Make no stray marks, comments, use X’s or checks, etc.  Completely blacken in the circle by your candidate of choice.  Follow the instructions on the return envelope, where you must sign an oath; otherwise, your ballot could be rejected.  Either return your absentee ballot by mail using two postage stamps at least two weeks prior to November 3rd, place your ballot in an Absentee Ballot Drop Box in your county, or hand deliver it to your local Board of Elections office on or before November 3.

Our government does a number of things to make it more convenient to exercise our right to vote.  Voting by mail is one of them.

If you don’t vote for your own interests, who will?  Everyone has a voice and wants to be heard in one way or another.  VOTING IS YOUR VOICE!

Vicki Krugman

Oconee County

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