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Voting time

Georgia has seen waves of new voting restrictions passed by a party that has learned that escalation of voter rolls shunts its candidates further down the rungs of power’s ladder. It is a party haunted by shadows that deepen, that reach over and shade much of the old campground. That was where, in addition to chopping wood and toting water, you had to know somebody to get a space in the warm and cozy campfire ring The new shadows are cast by the bright lights of vision brought by a populace that is informed, interested, and active. Those new eyes light up the sky and flood by reflection the ugly wall of denial, the ramparts of reaction, the rocky rubble that clutters the current path to just representation. We should take heart in the fact that 67% of eligible voters cast votes in 2020, the highest turnout since 1900, a year when only men, and certain ones at that, could vote. Voting restrictions are not new nor are they permanent. Singer Jim Morrison said this: The old get old And the young get stronger May take a week And it may take longer They got the guns But we got the numbers Gonna win, yeah We're takin' over Jim Baird Comer

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