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Waging war on Athens

For two years, a deadly foe has waged war on Athens, threatening our lives and our ability to earn a living, feed our families and keep a roof over our heads. Hundreds have been hospitalized. Thousands sought help to feed their families. Many have died. Fortunately, the Mayor and our Athens Commissioners, dedicating themselves to our welfare, took steps to help keep us safe and working and our children learning despite the extreme dangers. The Mayor and Commissioners, young, not so young, Black and White and as diverse as Athens, have earned our eternal gratitude for their extraordinary service. We look to the state legislators who represent us to assist our Mayor and Commissioners in their single-minded focus on our health and our well being. Have our Representatives, Houston Gaines and Marcus Wiedower, and our Senators, Frank Ginn and Bill Cowsett, shown that indispensable spirit of support for, and collaboration with our Mayor and Commissioners? Recently, Representatives Wiedower and Gaines and Senators Ginn and Cowsert announced a plan to dramatically alter the Commission Districts in Athens in a manner which is a direct attack on our right to choose our commissioners and on the Commissioners who so faithfully serve us. These four men propose to move 2/3’s of the voters among our more than 129,000 residents into other districts. Their plan will prevent three sitting Commissioners from running for office in their own districts. The result will reduce the Black vote in 60% of the districts. Incredibly, it is not only Covid-19 that is Waging War on Athens. Bruce Menke


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The redistricting process has been abused by both parties for many years to gain partisan advance. That always hurts our democracy and prevents the voters from a real choice of whom they want to represent them. We need to stop the abuse use of redistricting for partisan advance by either party. .


Jarvis T
Jarvis T

I have to ask, why is it you and everybody else seems to always have to mention and make a distinction of race, always mentioning black and white? Matters maketh matters! It’s language like that that continues the divisive attitude of setting us against each other. Can’t we all just simply be Athenians and not make a point to enforce and perpetuate two different mindsets and pushing people into separate and distinct camps? All it does is piss people off making them feel they should not be part of the same team.

As for applauding the mayor and his commissioners for being concerned about safety, you can think what you want about Covid. They probably did a good job on…

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