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Watkinsville company offers free geographic information

GIS1, LLC., a Watkinsville based company that specializes in providing Geographic Information Systems("GIS) services to city and county government agencies, has launched a new website called the Georgia GIS Clearinghouse . The unique thing about this website is that it primarily focus on the distribution of county, and city level data, instead of state or national level data.

Since the focus is on county/city level data, it typically contains much more detail than data available.

Even though the new Georgia GIS Clearinghouse is funded through the selling of datasets to private

companies and individuals, there’s good news for government agencies, university employees, and

students doing research. All of these groups are likely to be eligible for free data downloads of most


One of the most popular datasets available on the Georgia GIS Clearinghouse are the 1’ interval contour lines. The contour lines are most useful to environmentalists, developers, and surveyors, who use the data to select suitable sites for development and to help with estimating the cost of development, where earth-moving is necessary. Better information makes for a better decision making process.

When White County GIS Manger, Dan Flanders, saw the clearinghouse website and some of the data firsthand, he felt compelled to notify his local GIS users and surveyors with the following message:

“Let's just say it's pretty dang incredible! I've only played with a couple of the contour tiles, but I can't

express how good it is. I think all of you will be really impressed by the data quality, ease of access, and the breadth of coverage.” was started by its owner, Chad Rupert, in July of 2010. Chad came from a long background of service, first to his country as a Marine Corps officer and then to the state of Georgia as a GIS Manager at the South Georgia Regional Development Center (5 yrs) and later at the University of Georgia's Carl Vinson Institute of Government (11 yrs). With over 16 years of local government GIS service in Georgia, Chad has imparted his passion for providing valuable assistance to local governments into

Since its inception, has experienced rapid growth, and our family of satisfied clients continues to grow, sometimes on a weekly basis. We believe our growth can be directly attributed to the quality of service we provide and the unique solutions we develop. We always strive to exceed expectations and never take a client for granted.

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