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Wealth doesn’t trickle down, it remains at the top

Since the 1980s, Republicans have argued for cutting public programs because they cost too much money, such as Social Security, Medicare. At the same time, they argure that tax cuts for the wealthy would pay for themselves by expanding the economy, thus increasing tax revenues.

History shows that “trickle down” economics hasn’t worked. But that has not stopped Republicans from passing repeated tax cuts for the wealthy, one as recently as December 2017. The MAGA party promised at that time that massive tax cuts for the richest Americans and corporations would unleash rapid wage growth.

Growth did not occur until investments were made by the Biden administration and Democrats to slow down COVID, rescue our economy, lower unemployment, and put money into our infrastructure.

Every step of the way, Congressional Republicans have sided with special interests and continue to push an extreme MAGA agenda that costs families. We need leaders that move us forward, not those that dwell on the past. Register to vote, show up and vote.

Linda Gilbert


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