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Winder man killed in motorcycle crash

By Joe Johnson

William Bauer, 40, of Winder was killed Saturday afternoon when his motorcycle crashed on Georgia State Road 11 in Monroe.

Shortly before 3 p.m., the Walton County Sheriff’s Department requested the Georgia State Patrol to investigate the crash on Georgia 11 near Mountain Creek Church Road.

The investigation determined that Bauer's motorcycle had been southbound and approaching a private driveway from which a car was leaving to make a left turn .

According to GSP, the motorcycle struck the car's driver-side door and Bauer was fatally injured.

Witnesses reportedly told troopers that the motorcycle had been speeding.

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Concetta Rapone
Concetta Rapone
May 09, 2023

Daniel was well aware of the law and the law of physics, as almost all seasoned motorcyclist are. It was his hobby and what brought him through many trials. Thought process or not, opinion or not, law or not, a life was lost, and that brings unbearable pain. A wife left a widow and two children left fatherless.

It sure is easy for us to spit out all kinds of things when it’s not someone you know or not your typical behavior. Seriously be kind, it’s free and goes further than any dollar or dime you will ever have.


glad witnesses saw, in typical fashion, the motorbike speeding. Otherwise, the so called failure to yield is unfairly sucked into a legal wrangling not of their making.


May 08, 2023

My condolences to this family🙏🏽

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