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Winder to save taxpayers money, enhance services by making in-house Public Works Department

By Joe Johnson

The City of Winder in Barrow County is moving its public works operations in-house to rid its reliance on contractors to perform some essential functions .

This transition to an in-house model began on July 1 and it is expected to save taxpayers approximately $420,000 per year, with personnel savings of around $314,000 and operations savings of approximately $106,000.

The switch will also allow the city to enhance its in-house expertise by hiring for roles previously fulfilled by subcontractors, such as an arborist and chemical applicator.

The collaboration between departments will be improved, particularly with the Planning and Development Services Department, to ensure compliance with City Ordinance regarding trees and landscaping.

The goal of the city council is to provide a high level of service to residents while making responsible fiscal decisions, and bringing services in-house is seen as a step towards achieving this.

The in-house department will be responsible for maintaining all city facilities, including Rose Hill Cemetery, providing event support, and enhancing services without the additional costs associated with subcontractors.

Plans for expansion of the public works operations are already underway, including the introduction of a 4-star groundskeeping system and the formation of a facilities crew to maintain city-owned buildings.

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Quintan Barnes
Quintan Barnes
Jul 30, 2023

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