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Word of the Day: Craic



Part of speech: noun

Origin: Irish, 1970s

1.Enjoyable social activity.

2.A good time.

Examples of craic in a sentence

"Tim's birthday was such a craic, even though we got rained on."

"My neighbors are always up for a craic."

About Craic

Craic is an Irish Gaelic word that originated from English in the 1970s. However, the English word "crack" (meaning "a good time") apparently came from Scots around the mid-20th century. "Craic" went on a bit of a circuitous journey from Scots to English to Irish and back to English.

Did you Know?

While you'll hear mostly English in Ireland, a lot of people also speak Irish and Gaelic. "Craic" means "a good time," but some other Gaelic terms you might hear are "fáilte" ("welcome") and "grá" ("love.") Fair warning: Don't try to pronounce any of these words with English phonetics.

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