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Word of the day: Redoubtable



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Late Middle English, mid-1300s

Of a person) Formidable, especially as an opponent.

Examples of redoubtable in a sentence

"He was a redoubtable chess player, but he still had to fight nerves before every match."

"John earned his redoubtable reputation after leading his team to several victories."

About Redoubtable

This word came from the Old French word "redoutable," which developed from the combination of the words "redouter" ("to fear") and "douter" ("to doubt").

Did you Know?

Video game developers specialize in creating formidable opponents. The goal is for a game to start at a moderate level of difficulty, which increases as the player progresses and becomes more familiar with the material. The main villain, often referred to as the "final boss," is the most redoubtable character and the hardest to overcome.

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