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It is possible 123movied to browse the collection of videos and choose from them by time of release, rating, popularity, movie title and genre. On the 123movies web-site the free streaming movies are sorted into categories such as drama, animation, action, history, romance, fantasy, science fiction, cartoon, thriller, crime and cult. This menu is easy to access and use, allowing you to get to the relevant video quickly and easily.

By clicking on the appropriate category, you can narrow down the search and immediately find the material you are looking for. In the selection section, you can see all movies by genre, in which you are interested. The most popular movies among the site's users are sorted by the number of viewers and by the number of recommendations from other users. There is also an overall popularity rating, which indicates the degree of interest in the movie in the whole Internet community.

123movies free streaming movie sites, like other Internet resources, is a very popular source of entertainment for all age groups. The best part of the site is that it contains all sorts of movies and TV shows, ranging from the well-known to those that are less popular, but still interesting. It is easy to search and find what you are looking for.

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