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Athens man foils armed robbery attempt in Five Points

By Joe Johnson

An Athens man reported to police that someone tried to rob him at gunpoint this week, but he took quick action that allowed him top get away unharmed.

The 54/year-old Rustwood Drive resident said that he was in his truck on South Milledge Avenue near the Five Points section of town when a tall, dark skin Black male approached and asked for money, according to an Athens-Clarke County police report.

When the man explained that he had no money, the report notes, the other man pulled open the truck 's door and brandished a pistol, at which time the man was able to slam the door closed.

The gunman then stuck the weapon through the open window and into the man's face, according to the police report, but the would-be victim slapped the gun away and sped off in his truck, according to the report which notes that the man did not report th incident until he was far away from the crime scene, on the other side of town.

He reportedly told responding officers that the gunman was with another male and they were in a white panel van that had a rental sign on it.

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