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Can you marry your cousin or sue your kid in Georgia? See what the state laws allow

Dealing with family is always tricky, and it is even more so when you have to consider what is allowed or not. Whether it’s a disputes between parents and children or marriage rights, the law has some pretty clear boundaries about what is and is not okay, legally.

There are some very specific legal circumstances regarding family in Georgia , so read up to protect yourself in case things get weird at the next family reunion. You can marry your cousin in Georgia Yes. Cousins can absolutely marry each other in Georgia and most other states, for that matter. There is no explicit law that prohibits you from marrying your first (or second or third) cousin here. While this may seem like an awful stereotype about the South, it’s a true one. There are some exceptions to this rule, thank goodness. Parents and step-parents can’t marry their children (or step-children); aunts and uncles can’t marry nieces or nephews; siblings are off limits as are grandparents and grandchildren. Guess this is where we get “kissing cousins.”

Children can’t sue parents

While this gets sticky later in life when grown children seek reparations for abuse or neglect suffered in childhood. But until they reach the age of adulthood parents are protected under a certain family immunity act, unless the child is emancipated. Georgia law extends this immunity to “grandparents, noncustodial parents who are exercising parental duties, and foster parents” so parental figures are protected against litigation from their wards as well.

But adults can sue a kid

Yes, children can be sued in their own right or through their legal representatives. Some of the reasons a child may be sued are: defamation, personal injury or property damage, assault, copyright violation, breach of contract, or intentional infliction of emotional distress. It also bears mentioning that adults in parental roles can be sued on behalf of a minor child. There have been instances in which adults received sentencing for crimes committed by children.

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