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D.A. Gonzalez to host community safety ‘listening session’

By Joe Johnson

Deborah Gonzalez, district attorney for the Western Judicial Circuit, will be hosting an event in which community residents are invited to discuss community and personal safety concerns to be held March 8 at the Athens-Clarke County Library at 2025 Baxter St.

All residents of the judicial circuit -- which is comprised of Clarke and Oconee counties -- are invited to attend and encouraged to participate. "Community input and experiences are essential components of creating change within the justice system and in building a safer community," according to a library news release.

 The event is being presented by Reflecting, Sharing, Learning, and it's scheduled for 6 to 8 p.m. in the library's Appleton Auditorium.



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Feb 28, 2023

But, will she listen or just tell everyone what she thinks are the issues and complain that they reason she doesn’t have ADAs is because of pay?

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