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Police Chief promotes tax credit that could provide $3 million in funding to ACCPD

By Jerry Saulters

It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that I offer this letter of support to the Athens-Clarke Police Foundation (ACPF). Citizens and business leaders in Athens-Clarke County have created the ACPF in order to assist the Athens-Clarke County Police Department by providing funding resources beyond what is available through the annual police budget. The focus of the ACPF is to aid your police department in developing, improving, and funding community outreach programs that may not otherwise be available.

The ACPF is a 501(c)(3) organization and was established to provide the opportunity for community and business members to support programs and strategic initiatives that will improve the safety and quality of life in our neighborhoods, schools and business districts. The ACPF Executive Board works closely with ACCPD leadership to raise funds that support and expand programs such as the Youth Summer Camps, Shop with a Cop, Citizen Police Academy, Police Explorers, Coffee with a Cop, Bonding over Books, National Night Out, and many more programs. All of these programs are designed to bring together police and citizens in order to build and maintain a safe community, all with a foundation to strengthen mutual trust and shared responsibility.

Each day, the men and women of the ACCPD serve and protect our community while providing exemplary service to our citizens. The ACPF is an ideal example of what can be achieved when our government, businesses, and community work together to achieve a common goal of goodness for our entire community. I encourage you to download the flyer and support the Athens-Clarke Police Foundation using the dollar-for-dollar tax credit.

Download PDF • 4.22MB

Each police foundation will be competing for the $75,000,000. Our local foundation can accept up to $3,000,000 from personal and corporate contributions. Time is of the essence, as we are competing with other police foundations in Georgia. Please apply on January 3, 2023!

Thank you for your support.

Jerry Saulters is Chief of the Athens-Clarke County Police Department

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2 hozzászólás

Thanks to Houston Gaines for making this happen.


Kuddos to the Chief and those who created the foundation. Well done…further evidence of the misplaced priorities of the Mayor and the anti-police, pro-criminal Commissioners along with our social justice DA Gonzales.

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