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The Christmas Escape: the William and Ellen Craft story to be presented this week at ACC Library

Join the Athens-Clarke County Library Heritage Room in welcoming professional storyteller Jeanette Waddell. This event will take place at 7: p.m. on July 12, in the Athens-Clarke County Library Auditorium.

For the past two decades story lovers have eagerly sought out performances by professional storyteller, Jeanette Waddell. She educates, entertains, and encourages through the power of spoken words, believing the right narrative enhances any spiritual, social, business or educational event. For the upcoming library event, she will be presenting The Christmas Escape, the story of William and Ellen Craft, recently brought to attention in the book Master Slave Husband Wife.

Ellen and William Craft, husband and wife, dared to escape enslavement in plain sight. Traveling by rail, coach and steamship they went to Philadelphia, hoping for safety. It was not to be, moving through Boston, Canada, and finally to England before they were truly safe. Their story is both a love story and a quest for human dignity. 

This event is free and open to the public. It is made possible by the Athens-Clarke County Library Heritage Room. Call the library at 706-613-3650 or visit for more information.

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