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‘Window Works’ at Lyndon House Arts Center

The Lyndon House Arts Center presents a new project for Window Works featuring original site-designed artwork by artist Michael Reese on view through spring 2025. Window Works is an outdoor project located at the entrance of the Lyndon House Arts Center using the banks of windows as a palette.  

Michael Reese is an artist, photographer and educator. His work explores themes of identity, race and history; using past and current photographic processes as a base. With a fascination in cosmology and celestial science, he has created conceptual bridges between astronomy and the fight against human bondage. 

For Window Works, Reese re-imaged elements from his series Meditation’s On Perceived Acts of Violence. Using images of his family, the artist questions the perception of the Black Body against cyanotype photography popular with architectural blueprints.  He maps the figures engaged in the small mundane activities of life, taking a picture, posing by the car creating a nuanced narrative of the person’s life.  

For more information, please call 706-613-3623.

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