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Word of the day: Digerati



Part of speech: noun

Origin: English, 1990s

People with expertise or professional involvement in information technology.

Examples of digerati in a sentence

"Betty had complete faith that if she couldn’t fix her computer, the company’s digerati could."

"It was hard to pick one candidate out of the many qualified digerati who applied."

About Digerati

This word developed from a 1990s mash-up of the words “digital” and “literati” (describing well-educated people who are interested in literature).

Did you Know?

A badge of honor for some digerati is a high WPM (words-per-minute typing skill), but the QWERTY keyboard was actually designed to slow down typists. Mechanical typewriters were prone to jamming, and even though a skilled typist could get a job based on a high WPM, typing too quickly would cause delays. Today's digerati continue to use the QWERTY keyboard because of the legacy of decades of typing classes taught using the layout.

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