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Word of the day Fettle



Part of speech: noun

Origin: Late Middle English, 1300s


Examples of fettle in a sentence

"Despite being over a decade old, the biplane remained in fine fettle."

"Mark had experience with repairing manual vehicles from keeping his own vintage cars in good fettle."

About Fettle

While the word "fettle" developed as a verb meaning "to prepare oneself or get ready" in Late Middle English, it originated from the Old English word "fetel" (referring to a strip of material) and the Germanic word "fessel" (meaning "chain, band"). In English, it can still be used as a verb meaning "to make or repair" or in a specific pottery usage, but its most common usage is as a noun, meaning "condition." It's often paired idiomatically with "fine," as in "fine fettle."

Did you Know?

Old vehicles displayed in museums and in classic car shows may seem to naturally remain in fine fettle, but a lot of care goes into maintaining their condition. A vintage Mustang or classic roadster can't go to just any mechanic. People who make classic cars their hobby either learn the skills to maintain the vehicles themselves, or pay an expert in the specific model of car to keep it in good fettle.

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