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A president for all of the United States of America

Here is how it goes when there's a president in the White House who realizes he is president of ALL the United States, not just the parts that like him: The Texas governor and both its senators, including Ted Cruz, asked President Joe Biden for help because the state’s private independent electrical grid failed. Biden immediately sent generators, blankets, water, and other critical supplies to help those affected by the severe winter storm to be followed by more assistance. Great news for the people of Texas. During rolling blackouts in California, Cruz and several other Texas Republicans shredded California Democrats for supposedly being at fault for the outages. Cancun Cruz and other members of the radical right are against Biden’s Covid-19 relief package because it provides funds to state and city governments they deem unworthy. Several years ago, Cruz voted against federal relief for New England states affected by Hurricane Sandy. Texas Republicans, in January introduced a bill to secede from the United States because Biden was elected. Texas, a red state, did not go for Biden. President Biden granted the emergency declaration without making fun of Texas, without bringing up the secession bill, without pointing out everything Cruz has said about him, and without criticizing the state’s decision to get off the national grid to evade federal regulations. He just did it. Because Texans are Americans, too. They’re hurting, and need relief now. It is refreshing to have a person with a moral center as our Commander-in-Chief." Jacqueline Elsner


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