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ACCPD warns of coronavirus scams

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department would like to inform the public that we have received reports of individuals contacting people over the phone and traveling door to door in other areas offering COVID-19 vaccines and treatments.  This is a scam and there are no approved vaccines, drugs or investigational products currently available to treat or prevent the COVID-19 virus. No one, acting in any official capacity, has been conducting door-to-door testing for COVID-19 in the area. We would also like to inform residents that door to door vending requires a permit from the Athens-Clarke County Finance Department.We would like to ask residents to remain vigilant in light of these events and report any cases of these fraudulent scams to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department.

Be especially cautious of any callers asking for credit card or personal information related to testing for COVID-19, vaccines or treatments.

More information and resources are available at

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