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Florida hit man suspect arrested in Athens

By Joe Johnson

The hit man man in an alleged murder-for-hire plot that left two people dead was recently arrested at his home in Athens

According to the sheriff's office in Florida's Charlotte County, 35-year-old Justin Robert Casagranda had been hired by a woman to kill her husband, Mario Schiano, in the city of Punta Gorda. When carrying out the scheme in January, Casagranda allegedly killed Schiano and the man's friend who happened to be present, Anthony Galeotti.

The sheriff's office said that Casagranda had been friends with his target, and even lived with Schiano's family before moving to Athens a couple years ago.

Casagranda returned to Punta Gorda to carry out the murder plot, according to the sheriff's office, which said that drugs and money were the core reasons for the hit job.

Deputies came to Athens and executed a search warrant at Casagrada's home on Feb. 2, at which time he was arrested for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and served with murder warrants.

Casagranda is awaiting an extradition hearing while being detained at the Clarke County Jail.

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That's what Athens needs. A cursory look at this dude tells me that if he'd walk outside wearing his hair like that, a double murder is not a lot to ask. He's up for ANYTHING.


Drugs, huh?!

Sounds like he iced the right two people!

And what's up wit dat HAIR?!

What's is criminal moniker? "DAISY"???

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