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America needs more millionaires, fewer billionaires

Some people look and things as they are and ask, why? I look at things that never were and ask, why not?

~ Robert F. Kennedy 

By James P.Hilton

So, am I wrong for thinking this is pure insanity?

The Georgia powerball is now up to a ridiculously high $1.5 billion!!

The odds of getting struck by lightning are many many times better than winning this prize.

So my simple question is this.

What's better for Georgia and for our country, one person winning $1.5 billion or capping the grand prize at say $3 million?

If we did this, the exact same amount of money would buy Georgia 500 multi-millionaires worth $3 million each, with far better odds of winning, and 499 additional really happy people.

Even after all taxes of say 50 % you’d still be left with a cool $1.5 million, free and clear.

That’s more than enough to get you a new or really decent upgrade on your home, a new car or two, give away a thousands to several friends and family members, take a vacation anywhere you want in the world, and yet still be sitting on a pile of cash of multiple six figures socked away in savings and investments earning you income!

$3 million is definitely some serious “life change”money! 

So why not 500 multimillionaires instead of 1 filthy rich, greedy billionaire?

Why not?

James P. Hilton is an Athens resident, veteran paramedic, hypnotherapist, autho, and Eagle Scout.

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