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An open letter to the Clarke County School Board Elected Members.

The State mandates that if a taxing authority such as the Clarke County School District is going to increase taxes they must have three advertised meetings so the taxpayers wishes can be heard. So far I have been to 2 such meetings to ask the School Boardto roll back the millage rate to accommodate the increased growth in the tax digest. At the first meeting there were 4 board members that bothered to attended that hearing(not even a quorum). Those attending the first meeting were Lakeisha Gant, Claudia Butts, Linda Davis & Tim Denson. The second state mandated hearing was attended by only 3 School Board members (still not a quorum) Lakeisha Gant, Linda Davis & Mark Evans (Tim Denson showed up after the hearing was over). So far only Lakeisha Gant and Linda Davis seem to understand that these hearings are a part of their responsibility to the people that elected them. These hearings are important to the TAXPAYERS and are their last opportunity to be heard on the budget matter before it is finalized. Now would seem to be the proper time to ask of the Board Members that haven’t attended all of the public hearings, What do you think you were elected for? Are you a representative of the taxpaying citizens of Clarke County or the taxing authority? Is this why our School Districts Accreditation is “under review”? Is this why recent enrollment is down over 1,000 students? I urge all taxpaying citizens to attend all remaining tax hearings and make your wishes known to your elected representative(If they bother to show up).

John Elliott


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