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Athens gang violence encroaching on college student housing areas

By Joe Johnson

Gun violence that recently occurred at an Athens student housing complex is being investigated as a possible gang related incident, according to Athens-Clarke police.

The incident marked the second time in three months that gang violence has encroached on areas where University of Georgia students reside.

The shooting that occurred early Wednesday morning appears to have been a continuation of a violent feud between the Athens street gangs known as EBE (Everybody Eats) and RTG (Red Tape Gang), according to a police source who is not authorized to publicly speak about the investigation.

The initial, deadly shooting happened on the night of March 5 in the Five Points neighborhood of Northview Drive across from the UGA campus, where authorities said that RTG members were attending a gang party when a carload of EBE members targeted the house with a fusillade of gunfire,’ that fatally injured 24-year-old Ja’Vanni McDavid, identified by police as a member of the Red Tape Gang.

Four members of the EBE Street gang have been indicted for murder in connection with McDavid’s death.

Authorities said that during the incident more than 40 rounds were fired during an exchange of gunfire between occupants of the car and people attending the party.

The pool at The Retreat on Milledge where on Wednesday a young man was shot duting a possibky gang related incident

In Wednesday’s incident, police said, an unlawful gathering of trespassers at the pool at The Retreat on Milledge, a complex that largely caters to UGA students turned violent soon after midnight when multiple shots were fired by at least three guns of different calibers, indicating a possible shootout.

A 20-year-old male who did not live at the complex was shot in the foot, according to police.

The illegal gathering reportedly had been spontaneously organized through social media apps that included Instagram, which police said has become an increasing problem in town that they plan to address.

A parent whose daughter lives at the complex said that about 50 people attended the illegal gathering, and that upon returning home from work on Wednesday she noticed that the pool's gate, which should have been locked at 10 p.m. was open, and she saw no security presence.

According to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, the shooting happened minutes after midnight at the Retreat on Milledge complex, 2555 S. Milledge Ave.

While officers were conducting interviews and collecting spent shell casings and other evidence at the scene, a 20-year-old Athens man who did not live at the complex arrived at the hospital with a gunshot wound to his foot that he received at the pool party.

The residents of one unit at the complex reportedly told police that after hearing gunshots an unknown black male ran into their apartment screaming that he had been jumped he then fled when he apparently realized that he did not know the people there. Police said that the male was described as bleeding from his hands and was wearing a blue hoodie and had long dreadlocks.

Those same residents also told police that they saw another black male who wore a bright blue hoodie and also had long dreadlocks, and that he was armed with a gun.

In a police report about the incident, an officer noted that illegal pool parties are on the rise in Athens:

“There have been an increased number of large groups of youths partying at various pools across the county, where they do not reside. His incident seems to have stemmed from one of these gatherings.

“One subject on scene told an officer that there is an app where these meetups are planned. Another subject told me on a previous scene that they are also being planned/spread via Instagram.”

On Friday, ACCPD spokesman Lt. Shaun Brnett said investigators were attempting to find any gang involvement with the pool shooting.

“A motive for this incident has not been confirmed; however, we have not ruled out that it could be gang related,”. He said. “We recognize the impact that criminal street gang activity has on the community. We have been, and will remain, fully committed to addressing the issue..”

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